Functional Training

Static functional training apparatus designed to facilitate dynamic personal and group training.

GYM RAX - Single Storage (Loaded)

GYM RAX Storage and Suspension systems begin with a single Bay and end where and when you need them to. Use them to support group studios, dynamic training areas,flexibility zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organization or functional training support.

1. Universal Ball Rax (x2)
2. Trough Rax (x1)
3. Free Weight Rax (x1)
4. Rax Bins (x1)

Finishes :Standard Frame: Porsche Silver; Custom Frame; Rax Color: Gun Metal Grey
Configuration Footprint :4' - 6" x 1' - 7" (1m 37cm x 0m 48cm)
Training Area :8' - 6" x 6' - 2" (2m 59cm x 1m 88cm)
Functional Occupancy :1 - 2 Users


GYM RAX are highly configurable and easily adjustable Storage & Suspension structures designed to support today’s most popular training methods.