Functional Training

Static functional training apparatus designed to facilitate dynamic personal and group training.

GYM RAX® - Vertical Wall Bar Kit

Wall Bars are an excellent tool for developing strength, conditioning, and flexibility. They facilitate a variety of exercises including chin-ups and pull-ups, leg lifts of different types, handstands, and numerous assisted movements. Wall Bars are also used to assist in step up to Bridge exercises, and serve as an attachment point for various accessories including our Dip Bars and Plyometric platforms. Our antibacterial coatings help fight against gym germs and common transfer based pathogens.

Modular and expandable structures provide numerous Storage and Suspension configurations with unlimited expandability. Further, the GYM RAX system includes interchangeable quick-change shelving, racking, and mounting without the need of tools or skilled labor.

Dimensions / Weight :Each Gym Rax system is designed to be both modular and customizable
Frame :Steel
Color / Coating :Gunmetal Grey Powdercoat


GYM RAX are highly configurable and easily adjustable Storage & Suspension structures designed to support today’s most popular training methods.